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About the Trimmer

Trimming facial hair has been a very simple task over the last decade. The main reason behind such simplification is the emergence of trimmers. Trimmers are a versatile grooming appliance for both men and women that help us to groom our facial and other body hairs with great efficiency in a very short span of time. Comparatively, they are safe, portable, and easy to use. One of the key features of trimmers is that they do not scratch our skin like conventional trimmers. In conventional trimming, a blade is scratched over the skin to remove the hair in that part. With modern trimmers, safety is the key priority, we can trim without a single scratch on the skin.

What is the trimmer suitable for?

Typically, trimmers are suitable for all kinds of hair trimming activities. From facial hair to grooming and styling your hair, you can use trimmers. Here, we have discussed a few activities, trimmers are especially suited for:

Facial Hair( Beard and Mustache)

Trimmers are suited for the beard and mustache. In fact, due to the kind of flexibility and efficiency it provides with trimming facial hair, it has been popular. In the early days, trimming your facial hairs has been a fastidious task. Therefore, you needed expert hair designers and barbers. However, with the trimmer, you can easily trim your facial hair within a few minutes. You don’t need to be an expert, you can even trim at various lengths and designs.

Nose and ear trimmer

Have you ever experienced a tickle on the skin under your nose? Well, most of the time, it’s due to the nosal hair touching the skin. To be honest, they are very irritating. As it makes you untidy, you must trim the hair inside your nose. There are trimmers specialized in trimming the hair inside your nose. You can insert the trimmers inside the nose and trim the hairs inside your nose.The nose trimmers are equally good for the hair inside your ear. You can use the same trimmers for the ears.

Hair Styling

In recent years, you won’t see any professionals using scissors and combs like in the old days. Most of them have adapted to the trimmers. As the trimmers have made the entire process easy, fast, and efficient. Most modern trimmers have adjustable options. You can adjust the length to trim and speed as per your need. Suppose, you want to trim the hair on the back of your head at a fixed length of 3mm. You just have to adjust your trimmer at 3mm and slide it across the region. However, you need the experience to know the different hair sizes and patterns to provide a beautiful-looking hairstyle.


Well, having a beard and mustache has been fashionable lately. A man without a beard is considered less macho than one with beautiful-looking facial hair. However, all those macho-looking facial hairs come at the great expense of a proper grooming routine. Getting your grooming done by experts is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, most of the man have a trimmer to groom their hair. With the help of the trimmer, you can easily groom your hair into the style that suits you. When you buy a trimmer, make sure your trimmer has the proper grooming tools.

Blade material

Keeping the sharpness of your blade intact for your needs wise-consideration while buying the trimmers. The material of the blade determines the lifespan of the sharpness of the blade. Different types of trimmers have different types of blade material. The blade of your trimmer is usually made of the materials listed below.

1. Ceramic

Ceramic blades are considered the finest blade used in trimmers. As the ceramics have very low heat conductivity, they don’t heat which makes them less vulnerable to the wear and tear effects. Due to this reason, ceramic blades are the most durable ones. However, ceramic blades come only with expensive trimmers from the best companies.

2. Titanium

Titanium blades are the longest-lasting blades. They are stronger than any alloy blades and keep their sharpness intact for the longest period. Such blades are very popular and usually found in the trimmers from Philips and Braun. Most often, the trimmers with titanium blades are marketed as ’self-sharpening’. They keep their sharpness intact for years without even oiling.

3. Japanese steel

Japanese steel blades are very close to ceramic and titanium blades in terms of quality. Japanese steels are probably the highest quality steel in the world. You may not find a lot of trimmers with Japanese steel as they are expensive and used in high-end products. A few of the top manufacturers use Japanese blades. They are renowned for their strength and durability.

4. Steel Alloys

They are the most common type of blades found in hair clippers. They are very much of the experimental types of blades. Different steel and metals are mixed to make slightly better and a bit harder and long-lasting blades. In case you find the trimmer with a “steel blade” simply mentioned on the package, it’s probably the lowest possible quality of the material. Here is the list of blades material usually found in the trimmer.

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chromium Steel
  • Carbon Steel

Types of trimmer

1. Cord and cordless Trimmers

Corded trimmers are the one that makes the use of electricity directly from the outlet port. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the power running out in the middle of your hair trimming.

Features of corded trimmer
  • A cord attached to the trimmer
  • Direct use of electricity from the outlet port
  • Enduring and constant power dissipation
  • No need to waste your time charging
  • Limited movement due to the size of the cord
  • Longer life than the cordless trimmer

Cordless trimmers are the ones with batteries. Although they don’t work directly on the electricity, they need to be charged with the electricity. They are the most common trimmers among all available in the market today. To get the best possible result, they should be used after fully charged.

Key features of the Cordless Trimmer
  • Can be used anywhere, under any circumstances
  • Performance depends highly on the battery and charge
  • Handy to use and flexible work performance
  • They can be waterproof
  • Chance of running out of power in the middle of the trimming
  • Need to change the battery time in case of damage and poor performance
  • Shorter life in comparison with the corded trimmer

2. Hybrid trimmer

They are a combination of both cord and cordless trimmers. Such trimmers are usually expensive due to their highly versatile nature. If you wish to have constant performance, you can use them on electricity else if you need portability and want to use them on the go, you can use them on the battery.

Key features of the Hybrid Trimmer
  • Can be used as both corded and cordless model
  • Highly versatile
  • Expensive than other trimmers
  • Suitable for all sorts of trimming activities

3. Trimmers for men

A suitable trimmer for men incorporates a very wide variety of features. Men need to trim the facial hairs and hair on the head. They also need to design their hair. Therefore, such trimmers are suitable for facial grooming, clean shaving, and shortening to a particular length as well.

Key features of Timmers for men.
  • Multifuntional trimmer
  • Mostly hybrid
  • Provide grooming, shaving, and trimming function
  • Ideal for facial and body grooming
  • Self-sharpening blade for longevity
  • Can be used both wet and dry

4. Trimmers for women

There is a large number of trimmers specially designed for women’s needs. Unlike men, they want to keep their skin free of hair like facial hair which makes them attractive. Instead, they keep their skin fairly clean and tidy. Keeping this in mind, trimmers are made lightweight with round blades that trim very precisely.

Key features of Trimmers for women
  • Soft on skin
  • No fear of cuts and skin damage
  • Can be used in both dry and wet
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with attachments for eyebrows, Nasal hair, and other body parts.

Additional Features

Trimmer with Integrated Vacuum

This is one of the latest advancements in trimmer technology. This feature enables you to have mess-free trimming. They have compartments that trap up to 90% of the hair. Thus, you can have mess-free trimming and a hairless bathroom. However, such models are expensive in comparison to the other models. If budget is not your concern, you must look for this feature in your trimmer.

Variable lock-in-length settings

The best trimmers come with variable-length settings. They have a simple rotating dial that increases or decreases the length in every rotation and then locks the length to avoid sliding. It is not a good experience to change the comb every time you need to change the length. Therefore, you must buy the one with the variable lock-in-length setting.

LED Indicator

It’s always good to have a trimmer with LED indicators. The light lets you know when the trimmer is fully charged. As soon as you know it’s fully charged, you remove the charger to avoid damaging the battery's health.

Detachable Head

While buying a brand new trimmer, always pick the one with a detachable head. The trimmer with a detachable head allows you to clean it without the risk of wetting the body. Also, it helps you maintain good hygiene by easily removing the hair from the blades after trimming.

Skin-friendly rounded tips

One of the key factors, you should consider while buying a brand new trimmer is skin-friendly blades. Blades have sharp edges which can easily cut or scratch our skin. Therefore, always look for the trimmer with rounded blunt tips. They are smooth on our skin. Also, the blade of the trimmer should reach our skin under any circumstances.


At least once in our life, our trimmer would run out of charge as soon as we start trimming. It is one of the most irritating experiences so far. Most trimmers have relatively shorter battery life. To be honest, you will hardly find any trimmer that provides top performance for longer than half an hour. Therefore, while buying a brand new trimmer, always buy the one with the longest battery life.


1. What is the difference between a clipper and a trimmer?

Answer:- The key purpose of the clipper is to cut the bulk hair on a large area such as the head. However, the clipper does not come very close to the skin. On the contrary, a trimmer is designed for edging, outlining, and shaping hairs on small areas like beards. Also, the trimmers cut very close to the skin.

2. Are the blades on my trimmer sharp enough to cut my skin?

Answer:- The answer is yes. The blades on your trimmer are capable of cutting your skin. When you try to push the trimmer hard on your skin, your skin may reach the blade through the gap on the base. And, the high-speed blade may scratch or cut the skin.

3. Can we use the trimmer in the shower?

Answer:- The answer depends on whether your trimmer is waterproof or not. If your trimer is waterproof, feel free to use the trimmer in the shower. Otherwise, the water will damage your trimmer.

4. Do electric shavers cut as close as manual razors?

Answer:- Due to the presence of the physical barrier between the electric blade and skin, the electric trimmers can not cut as close as the manual razors. However, the manual razors damage your skin but trimmers don’t.

5. Do the electric trimmers cause skin irritation?

Answer:- The electric trimmers cause very less irritation as compared to the manual razors. They are very comfortable and less irritating which makes them suitable for the sensitive skin type.

6. Does the trimmer exfoliate my skin?

Answer:- Yes, the trimmer exfoliates your skin but to a very small extent. It is not significant in comparison to the level of exfoliation achieved from the razor. The comb under the blade of the trimmer exfoliates a shallow layer of your skin.

7. Does the trimmer make my skin darker?

Answer:- No, the trimmer does not make your skin darker. As the matter of fact, the blade of the trimmer hardly reaches your skin. Therefore, it won’t scratch or damage your skin significantly.

8. Can I share my trimmer with my friend?

Answer:- No, you can not share the trimmer with your friend. Just like manual razors, trimmers should be personal. There are high chances of sharing the skin bacteria and germs. Therefore, your trimmer should be personal.

9. Do you need to lubricate the blade of your trimmer?

Answer:- Yes, you must lubricate the blade of your trimmer. Lubrication reduces friction and increases the life of the blade.

10. How long does the trimmer work on charge?

Answer:- When fully charged, a trimmer may work for up to 90 minutes. However, the performance may not be the same as in the beginning, when fully charged, in the end.

11. How long does the trimmer take to be fully charged?

Answer:- Usually, it takes up to 2-3 hours to fully charge your trimmer. However, the exact timing depends on the size of the battery voltage.