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Send Gifts to Nepal Online via Deal Ayo

Gifts are the best means of expressing your love, joy, and congratulatory message to your family, friends, and loved ones. Gifts add a sentiment to the moment, it’s like the cherry on the top. You can choose from our wide range of exclusive collections of chocolates, cakes, flowers, and other personalized gift items.

You are in a foreign land away from your friends and families. It’s been a few years and you haven’t been able to participate in any social events like parties, functions, or celebrations in Nepal. At the same time, you also feel helpless because you can’t even send gifts or hampers. Well, those days of frustration are gone. Now, you can send gifts to Nepal from all over the world. Deal Ayo allows you to send gifts from all over the world within minutes. You just have to choose the gifts from our exclusive collection, place the order, pick the delivery time, and leave the rest to us. We will make sure your gift has been delivered timely and carefully.

Why should you choose Deal Ayo Online Shopping?

Everybody loves gifts, right? Whether it’s a 2-year-old kid or a 50-year-old, everyone admires receiving gifts. Send gifts to someone going through hard times saying you care and you will know how much joy it brought to their face.

While sending gifts, you might be doubted; whether you will get a genuine product, whether will it be delivered on time, and whether you will be over-charged. To all your doubts, you can say no more. Here are the reasons why you should choose Deal Ayo to send gifts to Nepal:

1. Most trusted online shopping in Nepal

2. One of the biggest e-commerce in Nepal

3. Free shipping on all orders above Rs. 500

4. Same-day Delivery or you can pick the time you want your gift to get delivered

5. Exclusive and unique gift items

6. Option to add gifts with any other items on the website

7. Secure payment systems from all parts of the world

8. Highly responsive customer service

Gifts For Everyone

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion for someone dear to you- you want to send them gifts. However, it will be troublesome to send them gifts from the USA. That’s why you want someone to do this on your behalf. Well, Deal Ayo is here to send gifts to Nepal for you. At Deal Ayo, we have categorized gifts for the recipients so that you don’t have to be confused about what gifts you should choose and for whom.

For her

It’s time to celebrate all the women in your life. Show your love and respect to all of them by sending gifts directly from the USA. Woman plays a very important role in the life of everyone from the time a baby is born. She is the one who nourishes the baby, provides them Love and care, gives a sense of responsibility, becomes a partner, and again continues the life form by giving birth.

Here is the list of gift items at Deal Ayo for her:-

1. Gift Hampers for her

Hampers are a very wide range of gift items. You can gift her a spa hamper, chocolate hamper, dry fruits hamper, or fruits hamper. A hamper can be a very good gift option for every occasion for her. It’s a very warming type of gift option.

2. Cakes

No celebrations are complete without cake. Therefore, cakes can be a good gift option for her birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, or valentine’s day. At Deal Ayo, we have various designs of cakes in chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, and red velvet flavors.

3. Flowers

Flowers always make the most impressive gifts for everyone. A bunch of red roses can melt everyone’s heart. And especially, if you want to impress her, flowers are your best option. You can make various gifts out of flowers. You can either add it with other gifts just to increase the essence or just make the bouquet or basket of it to make a beautiful gift on its own. On our website, you will find tulips, roses, carnations, and lots of other bouquets and flower baskets that you can send to your favorite female.

4. Plants

Certain species of indoor and outdoor plants are considered very sensible gifts. You can send plants to your mother, sister, wife, or any female personnel who matters. We have jade plants, dwarf bamboo, cactus, ficus, money plant, etc with or without vases especially suited for your gift choice.

5. Handbags for her

If there is one thing peculiar about females, it’s handbags. They can’t get out without a bag in their hand. So, good-quality handbags can be a very good gift option for them. It’s fashion accessories that she can pair with her dresses. We have a huge collection of handbags for you to choose from.

6. Perfumes For Her

You can say women that are very specific about the aromas. Giving her the perfumes she loves, can be a very sentimental gift for a woman. This depicts a lot about your affection and care for her. A woman loves this understanding in a man.

7. Chocolates

From a mother to a 3-year-old daughter, everybody loves chocolates. Without any doubt, chocolates make the best gift for her on all occasions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, valentine's, or even a date, you must bring her chocolate.

9. Soft Toys

Soft toys are cute and attractive. This makes it a suitable gift for your little sister, daughter, or niece. It could be a plaything for them. They would just hold it, cuddle, and play all day long. Well, adult females don’t love soft toys any less so, it can also be a perfect gift for your girlfriend or friend.

10. Cosmetics and Wellness Products

Depending on her likes and dislikes, you can choose cosmetic products as a gift for her. Women love cosmetics. They are like the inherent part of their lifestyle. You can pick cosmetics sets or wellness packages including a spa for her. That would make very sensible gifts for her. It will show them how much you care about them. You can also send some premium quality skincare products. They love to have beautiful-looking skins.

11. Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry is another product women obsessed over. They love to put on ornaments because they will aid in their beauty. You can always send her some beautiful jewelry and accessories. Some of the common gifts can be jewelry like earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

For him

We all have men, who hold important places in our life. He can be a father, a male friend, a caring husband, or a brother. Bringing a smile to their face can be quite an easy thing for us. We just have to appreciate the effort they have been making to change the world into a better place for us. Men simply need appreciation and want to be noticed. Give them a pen, and they might hold it for a lifetime. It’s easy to pick a gift for men. With Deal Ayo, you can send him gifts from all over the world.

At Deal Ayo, we have a large collection of gifts for him listed below:-

1. Watches

Watches represent your fashion sense and personality. Watches are not just accessories for men, they are part of their life, living, and history. A lot of men have a collection of watches but they won’t be hesitant to add one more to their collection. Watches are always welcoming gifts for men.

2. Grooming Kit

A grooming kit is the inherent part of every adult man. They are like must-have things for every grown-up. An aesthetic grooming kit with long-lasting fragrance shaving lotion can be a spectacular gift. We have a large variety of grooming kits available on our websites for you. You can also make hampers out of them, or simply, combine them with the flowers or cake.

3. Photo Frames

Well, photos have sentimental value. Therefore, they make the best gifts for everyone. Pick a beautiful picture of you with him and make a photo frame out of it and send it to your favorite person. They never go out of fashion. They still make a beautiful gift option for you.

4. Accessories

Ties, cufflinks, leather belts, wallets, etc. These are essential accessories for men. They simply modify the look of every dress you put on. Therefore, gifting accessories to men can be a heartwarming gesture. At Deal Ayo, you will find a large variety of accessories for every man that will lure you to get one quickly.

5. Flowers

Flowers have magic that attracts energy and men’s energy is not the exception here. Flowers always make the most impressive gifts for everyone. A bunch of red roses can melt everyone’s heart. You can make various gifts out of flowers. You can either add it with other gifts just to increase the essence or just make the bouquet or basket of it to make a beautiful gift on its own. On our website, you will find tulips, roses, carnations, and lots of other bouquets and flower baskets that you send right to your favorite male.

6. Plants

Plants are considered a very suitable gift option for males. You can send plants to your father, brother, husband, or any male personnel who matters to your life. These days, keeping plants as pets is a popular idea. We have jade plants, dwarf bamboo, cactus, ficus, money plant, etc with or without vases especially suited for your gift choice.

7. Gift hampers

If you want to do something new and exciting, go for the gift hampers. Hampers available on our website contain flowers, chocolates, accessories, dry fruits, and other items. Such gifts can be suitable for every occasion whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s, or any festival occasion. Moreover, you also customize your hamper by adding things your male counterpart would love to have in the hamper.

8. Personalized Gifts

If you want to add some personal touch to the gift it’s always wise to choose a personalized gift item. Personalized gifts show your understanding of the person. If you want to show you understand them better, you must go for such gift items. You will find a large number of personalized gifts on our website. You will find personalized cushions, t-shirts, cups, accessories, and many more.

9. Perfumes

Everybody likes a man with good aromas around them and it may leave a good impression on people around them. Perfumes can be a good gift item for men. You can find the perfume that best matches his choice on our website. You will find a large number of local and internationally recognized perfume brands on our website.

10. Drinks and bar accessories

Well, it can be an equally risky and rewarding gift if you are sending it to your elders in Nepal. If your receiver has healthy drinking habits, you can pick an exclusive bottle of whiskey from our website. You can also find some classy wine glasses, shot glasses, whiskey glasses, bottle openers, and beer mugs on our website that will enrich their collection.

Send Gifts to Nepal on Every Occasion

It’s an occasion in your family, and you are deserted far away in a foreign land. Well, you don’t have to feel sorry anymore. All you have to do is visit our website and pick the perfect gift for every occasion directly from the USA.

Here is the list of gifts for you to pick for every occasion:-

  • Birthday Gifts to Nepal

  • Nothing can lift our sentiment more than a beautiful gift from your loved ones. So, no matter where you are, under what circumstances, you can always pick up gifts and send them to the doorsteps of your loved ones in Nepal. To add to this, you can send specially personalized gifts based on your own choices, made into a hamper, from every corner of the world via online shopping at Deal Ayo.

  • Women's Day gifts to Nepal

  • It’s really important to celebrate women’s day. We must understand the importance of women in life in our lives and treat them with respect. Whether it’s a daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend, or any strange lady, they are important to this existential society. Well, if you wonder how you can pay your respect to someone important back here in Nepal, choose Deal Ayo. We have large sections of gifts for Women’s day that will fill your need. There are very unique designs of cakes, beautiful flowers, exquisite designs of handbags from the top brands, and lots of other gift items. We also provide personalizing options so that you can pick your favorite gift items and make them into hamper for your special woman.

  • Dashain Gift to Nepal online

  • Dashain is undoubtedly the biggest festival in Nepal. In the foreign land, one thing we miss most about Dashain is Tika. It’s a symbol of love and respect for us. We miss our friends, family, and loved ones back here in Nepal. Well, when everyone is delighted why should you feel deserted? Just pick up your phone and send “Dashain ko Kosheli” to your loved ones with Deal Ayo. We have a large variety of gifts categorized for Dashain. For your family, you can pick the hampers, dry fruits, chocolates, and many other gift items that fit your need. You can also choose customizable personalized gifts for your loved ones. We also allow you to make your gift baskets so that you can make the hamper with high sentimental value.

  • Bhai tika gift to Nepal

  • Bhai Tika has very high sentimental values for us. We celebrate the love and bonding between brother and sister in the Bhai Tilka. We miss nothing more than the tika, mala, and gifts we exchange with our siblings. It’s really hard to be away from your siblings during the Tihar. With Deal Ayo, you can send the perfect Bhai Tika gifts to your siblings from every hook and corner of the world. For brother, you can pick various branded perfumes, leather belts or wallets, clothes, and many more. For your sister, you can pick cosmetic products, exquisite handbags, chocolates, soft toys, and many more.

  • Valentine’s day Gift to Nepal

  • Valentine’s day is all about love and red hearts corrupted by the breeze of love around us. This day is dedicated to couples celebrating around the globe and exchanging gifts, flowers, and chocolates. There are lots of ways you can celebrate this Cupid’s day. With Deal, you can pick some astonishing gifts and send them to your loved ones back in Nepal. For every day of Valentine’s Week, we have a unique collection of gifts on our website. You just have to reach out to us and we will make you feel the presence and the love of your loved one in the foreign land.

  • Mother’s Day gift to Nepal

  • Mother’s love is the only unconditional love you will ever get in life. She is the one who always stays by your side even if the whole world turns against you. Mother’s love and affection are the purest forms of love you will ever see in the world. Therefore, we must express our gratitude to this icon of life. On the occasion of mother’s day, make her feel special by sending very special mother’s day gifts to Nepal. You can send a mother’s day cake, flowers bouquet, accessories, her favorite perfumes, and many other gifts through Deal Ayo.

  • Father’s Day gift to Nepal

  • This father’s day, make it the most memorable day for him. Surprise him with gifts and hampers that specially fit his personality. Show your love and understanding by sending gifts and hamper from all over the world. On the occasion of father’s day, Deal offers a large collection of gifts, hampers, and cards that will be the best gift for your father.

  • Marriage Gift to Nepal

  • As the saying goes, Marriages are made in Heaven and just completed on earth. Every marriage is special in its measures. It’s the bonding of two people, two families, two cultures, and lots of hearts. However, when you attend a marriage you often get confused with the gifts. Well, we got things sorted out for you at the Deal Ayo. So, you don’t have to worry anymore, pick gorgeous gifts of all sorts from our website.

How to send gifts to Nepal?

At Deal Ayo, we have both online and offline modes of sending gifts to Nepal.

Send gifts to Nepal Online

You can place your order online at our website www.Deal You can browse through the pages of the gift section and add all your favorite items to the cart. In the end, you can check out filling out the shipping, billing, and other required pieces of information. In the age of Whatsapp, Messenger, and Viber, you can also pick either one for your order. Contact: 9801877999

Send gifts to Nepal Offline

To place your order, you can simply call us at 01-5555522/ 9801877999 and note your order to our customer care. They will also help you to locate the best product. In case, you want to add some message to your gift; we will note your message and dispatch them with your gifts.