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Buy Groceries Online in Nepal

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Any online transaction must facilitate you with a prime advantage of getting things done without stepping out of one’s home. Similarly, Deal Ayo groceries enables you to order your kitchen consumables as and when they are exhausted. Sparing you from the stress of having to remember all the items that need to be ordered, Deal Ayo displays all the necessary grocery staples you might need in the kitchen.

Buy Vegetables and Fruits Online in Nepal

vegetables and fruits must be part of everyday meals for everybody. It’s really hard to find some vegetables and fruits even in the supermarkets. However, with the online shopping luxury provided by Deal Ayo, you can enjoy all species of fresh vegetables and fruits shopping from the comfort of your home. You may easily find seasonal vegetables and fruits in your local ‘TarakriBazzar’, but it is difficult to find ‘besaumi tarakari’. Vegetables and fruits like beetroot, amlas, green peas, broccoli, etc. are hard to find throughout the year. Therefore, we have solved the problem by connecting the farms directly with the customers. There are various off-seasonal farms around the valley that produce large amounts of unseasonal vegetables.

It’s really hard to find fruits and vegetables that are fresh and healthy due to several reasons. First of all, most farming techniques involve the heavy use of insecticides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Then, the storage system and logistics involve various toxicants. Due to these reasons, customers often find rotten raw foods, exposed to chemicals, in the market. At DealAyo, we deliver the food only after proper inspection and checking the standards and quality of the fruits and vegetables. The food items we deliver will be as fresh as the food directly collected from the farms which will provide high nutritional value.