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Buy Iron Online in Nepal At Deal Ayo

A clothes iron is a small handheld electric appliance that is used to kill germs and remove creases from the cloth when heated. This electric device is named after the metal from which it is usually made. It works by heating its surface at a very temperature which is placed on the clothes to kill the germs and remove the creases. Sometimes, we have to use water to loosen the intermolecular bond between the fibers in the cotton-like material.

Every household has this cloth stretching electronic device called iron. First of all, it is connected to the electric circuit to heat its soleplate. After heating, it is slid across the cloth to remove the creases and kill the germs.

Deal Ayo is one of the leading eCommerce companies in Nepal. You will find all types of iron at Deal Ayo which will meet the need of your need perfectly.

Types of iron at Deal Ayo

1. Basic Clothes Irons

It is commonly known as dry iron as it makes no use of water while ironing. Such iron has very minimal features. It simply consists of a metal plate for pressing and heating and a dial for temperature. If you are tight on budget, they are your go-to options.Well, we get what we pay for, and the basic iron is the same case. As they are cheap, they will just get your job done. If you wish to iron cotton clothes, you need to spray water on your own. One more thing to note, you have to shut them off manually after the job is done because they won’t shut off automatically.

2. Conventional Steam Iron

It is the most dominant and readily available iron equipped with a little tank that holds the water to steam when required. Such irons are a level up the basic irons. With such irons, you can simply spray the water by pushing in the switch and then slid the iron to loosen the fiber. They are relatively easy to use, but you might burn your hand if you are not used to appliances releasing steam. So, you must apply some precautions while using steam irons.

3. Vertical steam Irons

They are an improvement over traditional steam irons. Vertical iron allows you to steam horizontally as you iron. But if you wish to just steam you can do it vertically without touching the fiber. Sometimes, you don’t have to iron the whole fiber, you just have to steam it to get rid of the wrinkles. As these devices don’t release continuous steam, you have to keep activating them manually.

4. Travel Irons

If you are traveling and your accommodation does not include the laundry service, this is a life saver for you. They are small and handy so, they won’t take up large space in your luggage and can be easily accommodated. They are usually foldable and can be cordless. However, you should be careful while buying as some of them may not come with steam features.

5. Deluxe Clothes Irons

They are top-tier, five-star, clothing iron with better and more advanced features than any other irons. The key features of such iron are:-

  • Seamless temperature adjustment
  • Advanced steam features
  • Retractable cord
  • Automatic shut off
  • More Steam Holes
  • Large Water Tank

While such models cost more than the usual models, they are very luxurious. They also have better soleplates that are less likely to stick to the fabrics.

Features of Iron

We all love the crisply ironed clothes while going to the office or any formal meetings. They are the epitome of sophistication and explain a lot about your personality. However, a buyer is the first step we often find difficult to tackle. We have simplified it for you. Next time when are shopping for a new iron, look for these key features to get a perfect clothing iron.

1. Water Tank Size

It is the small water-storing part on top of your iron. If you are someone who does all his laundry during the weekend then, you must be looking for an iron with a larger water tank size. If you prefer to iron your clothes on the day you are wearing them, you can go for the average tank size.

2. Steam Shot

Steam irons emit steam regularly to make your ironing smooth. However, a lot of clothes demand extra attention and some extra steam for smoothening. So, if your cloth requires some extra shot of steam, then you must be looking for the one with an extra steam shot.

3. Cord Length

Depending on the space available for you, you might need a larger length of cord attached to your iron. A larger cord length ensures flexibility, comfort, and ease of function. Therefore, an iron with a larger cord length is always a better option.

4. Soleplate

It determines the quality of the iron. The better the soleplate, the better the ironing experience and lifespan of your iron. You don’t want your soleplate to get rusty and ruin your clothes with that reddish-brown ugly-looking patches. A better soleplate is made u of better material and they are scratch-proof.

5. Weight of Iron

There has been a widespread illusion regarding the weight of the iron. People often consider the heavier ones are the better ones. You don’t want too heavy iron that may numb your hand and you don’t want an iron that is too light to press your clothes. Therefore, you should always look at the medium-weight iron.

FAQs Related to Iron

1. Why does my Iron not steam?

Answer: This may be due to the reason that you didn’t give enough time to reach the operating temperature before you turned on the steam setting.

2. Why does my brand new Iron have a slight odor?

Answer: This is due to the fresh and new materials inside the iron. As the materials inside the iron are heated for the first time, it is normal to give off a slight smell.

3. Why does my used iron not produce steam?

Answer: There can be two probable reasons for this.

  • Incorrect setting of the steam
  • No water in the tank
So, first of all, you check the setting and then the water tank. If it still does not work, your iron needs expert attention.

4. What temperature is required to iron clothes?

Answer: Well, it depends on the types of your fabrics. Different types of fabrics have different heat requirements. In case of doubt, start with low heat and gradually increase it.

5. What fabrics should not be steamed?

Answer: Yes, there are fabrics that should not be steamed. Fabrics like velvet and suede can not tolerate moisture very easily. Therefore, you must be cautious while steaming any delicate fabrics.

6. How do you prevent shine marks on your clothes?

Answer: We often get shine marks on our clothes after ironing. This is not very glamorous. There are a few ways to avoid shine marks on your clothes.

  • Set the iron at the lower temperature
  • Use protective clothes.
  • Try pressing the cloth inside out.
  • Use a vertical steam iron to reduce the risk of shining as they do not come in contact with the fabrics

7. How much does the number of holes in the iron matter?

Answer: The more holes mean the more outlet for the steam to pass through. A good distribution of holes means the soleplate can cover a wider surface area when pressing. However, the number and arrangement of holes may vary from brand to brand.

8. How long should the Iron last?

Answer: Although you might get the initial warranty of one year. Your iron might last much longer than that. In case, your Iron is showing sign of decline, it’s time to buy a new one.