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Life means to live and enjoy. However, life is nothing without relationships and among all the relationships, friendship is always on the top. Having a friend who truly understands you is a blessing in disguise. Actually, it's necessary to celebrate friendship day. We should take this as a gratification day; being grateful for having people around us who are not blood-related but want to see us grow and achieve higher goals in life. We must cherish these people and send gifts on friendship day.

As the saying goes, friends are the family we choose. Having one true friend can better the whole large family. True friendships are based on mutual understanding; no matter what happens, the bond between them would remain the same. International Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30 each year to honor this connection and understanding.

History and Background of Friendship Day

On July 20, 1958, the idea of celebrating friendship day on a global level came first to Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho. When he sat down for casual dinner with his friends on the evening of the same day in the town of Puerto Pinasco, Paraguay; the idea of celebrating friendship day hits his mind. This day was meant to be a foundation that would promote friendship and fellowship among the entire human race, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. After this event, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated July 30 as International Friendship Day in 2011. The UN General Assembly invited all the member states and celebrated this occasion to promote International Friendship Day.

Send gifts on Friendship Day

Choosing the best friendship day gifts for your friend is a headache. We have made this easy for you by selecting and categorizing the gifts that would best fit your need. Visit and pick the friendship day subcategory under the gift category to send gifts on friendship day.

Here is the list of gifts for the friendship day:-

1. Photo Frame

Photo frames can be very thoughtful gifts for friendship day. Select the pictures of some of the best moments with your friends and print them in the appropriate size. Now, get a stunning photo frame from DealAyo online shopping and arrange the photos as you wish. This will recreate the happy moments you had with your friends. You can either pick a single picture or make a collage; both make stunning friendship day gifts. Your friend will love this gift.

2. T-shirt

T-shirts are wearable that will remind your friend of you every time s/he puts them on. We have a large collection of T-shirts available on our website with the Friendship Day slogan printed on them. You can also customize those T-shirts by picking the lines you want to print on the t-shirt. Or, you can get a plain t-shirt and acrylic color; put the impression of your palm on the front and make your friend’s palm’s impression on the back. This will be fun doing.

3. Books

It’s the best kind of gift you can give on the occasion of friendship day. In case your friend is a reading addict, nothing can substitute for a book. Gift any useful, trending, latest book and he will cherish it forever. You can also gift novels, magazines, notebooks, and journals. If s/he has some special interest, buy them related books like if s/he loves cooking, you can gift good recipe books. To a friend who is a fashion freak, you can gift foreign fashion magazines.

At DealAyo, we have a large collection of books under a separate category so that you can send gifts on friendship day that s/he will love.

4. Friendship Band

We all have friends who always pick the friendship band on this day. Friendship bands are the most inexpensive and cute gift for friendship day. You can make your friendship band at home by using colorful threads and beads and creatively tying them.

5. Gift Combos

If you want to gift something exclusive and thoughtful, gift combos can be the best gift option for you. You can pick the items you want to gift and add them to your cart at In the end, check out to see that your gift combo is ready to dispatch. Gift combos are a very personalized gift for your friend. Therefore, you must be aware of their likes and dislikes. On the other hand, your friend will appreciate your gift. Some of the exciting gift combos can be:-

  • Wallet, belt, and a pen
  • Grooming kit and towel
  • Perfume, tie, and friendship card
  • Lipstick, Nail polish, and earrings
  • Face cream, bracelet, and friendship band
  • Teddy, chocolates, and friendship band
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