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Exide HUPS 850VA Home UPS Inverters


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Protection: High quality protection built up in the PCB DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based Sine Wave Home UPS - A high speed microprocessor for Grid Quality Power same as Mains LCD Display : for better user Interface and displaying State of Battery Voltage and Charge , AC mains input voltage , Display Actual load connected in %, Display overload, Short circuit trip , Battery low trip, AC mains Fuse blown, etc. ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) Technology-Automatically sense the battery condition and adjust the charging current accordingly and thus increases battery life and minimizes water topping. Electrolyte Level Sensor indicator: For indicating Battery water level low. 2 years warranty.

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To avoid or overcome power cuts, bring home a good inverter like the Exide EX850VA home UPS inverter. This inverter has a capacity of 850 VA and supports the main line. It is a Digital Signal Processor (DPS) based, sine wave home UPS and is powered by the Adaptive Battery Charging Control Technology, which helps enhance the efficiency of the product. It is equipped with a high speed micro-processor that provides grid quality power just like the mains. The LCD display of the inverter signals the battery and load status. It has both audio and visual indicators that help you understand the requirements of the inverter and also guides you when the appliance gauges problems with power.  So, if you wish to say goodbye to sweaty power cuts, and continue with your daily chores in the absence of electricity.


The Exide EX850VA home UPS inverter runs on the Adaptive Battery Charging Control or ABCC Technology. This technology automatically senses the battery condition and adjusts the charging current accordingly. It increases battery life and also reduces water topping.

Visual Indicators

This Exide EX850VA inverter has a red coloured, blinking LED indicator that indicates when the battery needs to be charged. Also, there are indicators for power on/off, battery charging and battery charged conditions.


LCD Display

The LCD display of this Exide inverter displays the load and battery status of the inverter. It shows the actual connected load in percentage, and also shows the AC mains input voltage, which helps in monitoring high and low voltages. It provides an additional protection to the circuit board.

Battery Charging & Management

The battery of this Exide EX850VA inverter can be charged in two ways without much hassle. First is boost level charging, where the battery is charged at maximum allowed constant charging current until it achieves the battery boost voltage level, or up to the automatic battery level set by the control unit itself. At a specified interval of time, the control unit checks the battery level. It locks the battery at a boost level when the level stops increasing, and maintain this for 4 months. This process is recycled in every four months. The second way to charge the battery is by trickle level charging. Here, to maintain the float level, the charger uses zero current at trickle charging voltage for some time, and again follows with pulse charging of 1 amp current at the same voltage. This ensures that the battery remains in full charge condition, even when not in use.





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