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Buy Coffee Makers Online in Nepal

You can find large varieties of coffee makers available in Nepal. In this article, you will find a brief description of coffee makers you can buy online in Nepal.

Coffees are the preferred morning drink for so many people. A few of us can’t get our day started without a well-brewed cup of coffee. Some of us buy our coffee but most of us want to brew our coffee at home and drink it in pajamas. To brew our coffee, we need an appliance called a coffee maker. There is different freedom in brewing your coffee. You can use the beans you like, and add your favorite flavors, milk or no milk, and desired amount of sweeteners. Most importantly, you can have your coffee in your favorite cup.

The basic concept of a coffee maker is to extract the flavor from the beans. For the extraction, the water or steam is passed through the beans held in the filter and the grit-free coffee is collected in the cup or mug. Finally, you can add flavors, sweeteners, and milk to your coffee.

Things to consider before buying a Coffee Maker

There is a lot to consider before buying a brand-new coffee maker in Nepal. However, we have mentioned a few key factors:-

1. Convenience

The key importance of the coffee maker is convenience. We want our coffee waiting for us in the morning without any manual effort. The programable coffee makers make this possible for you. There are different coffee makers available in the market to provide you with convenience.

2. Variety of coffee

Different people have different tastes in coffee. Some people may like latte while others may prefer espresso. And, there are different coffee makers to serve different purposes. Like, there are different machines for espresso. It seems impractical to buy two coffee makers. However, there are hybrid coffee makers, that can make both types of coffee.

3. Brew Size

Whether you want to brew a single cup of coffee or a large number of coffee for parties or functions. There are different types of coffee makers available in Nepal to meet your need. The single-cup brewers are good for people who live alone and the family where everyone prefers different flavors of coffee. On the other end, the commercial purpose coffeemakers are capable of brewing up to 15 cups of coffee at a time.

4. Timing

If you are someone who lives indoors, timing won’t matter very much. However, if you have coffee in the morning and get out for work, timing is important for you. There are various coffee makers available with the proper timer. They can be automatic or semi-automatic. Additionally, a lot of people like their coffee to be freshly brewed so, timing is important.

5. Custom Brewing Option

The basic types of coffee makers have no brewing options. We have to decide the amount of water or coffee for them. On the contrary, sophisticated and advanced machines have various brewing options. We can choose water temperature, brew strength, brew sizes, and others. However, they are more expensive than simple coffee makers.

Extra Features

There are a large number of extra features that come with the higher end of the coffee makers available in Nepal. Some of them are listed below:

  • 1. Programmed brewing
  • 2. Auto shutoff
  • 3. Thermal carafe
  • 4. Alarm systems
  • 5. Milk frothing
  • 6. Bean Grinding

Types of Coffee Maker

1. Non-Electric Brewers

Non-electric brewers, French press, pour-over, and stovetop pots, are very flexible to use. They have a comparatively smaller footprint and can be stored anywhere when not in use. However, you may need to boil the water in a separate pot as these coffee makers do not have any boiling options. They are very easy to use coffee makers without the need for electricity. On the other hand, you have to be careful about the size of the coffee beans. You have to grind the coffee beans properly before preparing your coffee in non-electric coffee makers.

2. Electric Drip Coffee Makers

They are simple to use and let you choose your beans. You can either ground your bean or choose the pre-grounded beans. Electric drip coffee makers allow you to brew plain, flavored, or decaf coffee to meet your need. Such coffee makers are as simple as possible with a few functionalities as the much more complex coffee makers with a large number of functionalities. They may allow you to brew your coffee exactly the way you like it.

  • Easy to use
  • Very popular worldwide
  • Available in various sizes and styles
  • Brew up to 14 cups at a time

Sometimes, they may burn the coffee if left for too long


First of all, cold water is added to the reservoir and ground coffee in the filter. When the water heats up then, it is passed through the beans. Finally, the brewed coffee is collected into a glass carafe under the filter. If you want to avoid your coffee from overheating, make sure you don’t leave the glass carafe longer on the hot plate.

3. Single-Serve Machine

In the Single-Serve Machines, you can get a fresh cup of coffee at the single touch of a button. They have a water reservoir to ensure so don’t have to add the water every time you want to brew a cup of coffee. You can set different temperatures for different cups or you can brew at the same temperature. They have changed the way coffee has been made traditionally.


They use the same method as the electric drip coffee maker on a smaller scale. They have reservoirs for water and use pre-grounded beans to deliver a consistent cup of coffee every time. Once you set the volume, the exact amount of water passes through the grounded beans and collects in the mug. They are capable of making a variety of coffees.

4. Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are specially dedicated coffee makers for espresso lovers. Espresso is a special type of coffee that uses finely ground dark beans. They range from inexpensive models to super-expensive models for commercial use. They are various models of espresso machines to meet the need of all sorts of coffee lovers. There are a few hybrid models of espresso machines so that a single machine can meet all your coffee needs.

There are various types of espresso machines that can make a perfect cup of coffee for you.

1. Manual Machines

They are the espresso machine that requires you to control all the variables, including tamping, creating pressure, and the amount of water. Mostly, they are suitable for experts and people who are particular about their espresso.

2. Semi-Automatic Machines

They require the users to control the amount of water. Such espresso makers are suitable for those who like strong coffee and want to make both espresso and americano.

3. Automatic Machines

Such espresso machines control all the factors like pressure and amount of water. Some of them may have a built-in coffee beans grinder. They are suitable for making an effortless perfect cup of espresso.

4. Super- Automatic Machines,

Actually, they are the espresso makers that do all for you. You just have to select the type of espresso drink you’d like and the machine will do the rest. Firstly, it will grind the right amount of beans and manage pressure, water, and all according to the setting. In the end, your perfect cup of press-and-go espresso will be ready.

5. Capsule Machines

They make the espresso using pods with pre-measured coffee grounds. Such machines require you to select the size of drink you’d like. They are ideal for making a consistent cup of espresso with very little effort.

6. Cold Brew Coffee Makers

They are the different categories of coffee brewing machines that use cold water or ice water to extract the flavor from the ground beans. Most of them require a very long steeping time, 24 hours, to produce the cold-brewed coffee. One of the key advantages of cold-brewed coffee is that they are less acidic and tasted less bitter. Usually, they are brewed in large quantities and kept in the refrigerator to be used for a longer period of time.


They are made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water overnight. The brewed coffee is then dispensed into another container. This extract can be stored in the refrigerator for 14 days. They can be used in cold coffee or as a concentrate to make hot coffee. They are best for people who like deeper and more flavored cups of coffee.