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Buy Baby Diapers Online in Nepal

You can buy baby diapers at the best price in Nepal at Deal Ayo. Deal Ayo is a leading e-commerce company in Nepal that provides quality products at the most affordable price in Nepal. We have baby diapers from all the leading brands like Huggies, Mamaearth, Mamy Poko, and many others.

Baby diapers are used to used for the safety of children all over the world every day. Diapers were first invented in the 1930s and it has been evolving since that day. Originally, diapers are used on journeys, holidays, and temporary situations. Now, the use and consumption of diapers are spread all over the world. Long gone are the days of constantly wet skin for the babies. They are comfortable to wear due to the softness, lightness, and breathability of the materials. Diapers keep the skin dry which reduces the chances of infectious diseases and the spread of bacteria. They are also easy to put on and remove. This reduces the time for dressing and exchanging the babies’ clothes.

Components of Diaper

Before buying the diaper, the parents must be aware of the materials used in the diaper. They also must demand the disclosure of composition materials from manufacturing companies. Here, we will discuss the components of the diapers along with the materials used in those sections.

1. Top Sheet/ Inner Layer

This is the most important layer of the diaper as it sits next to the skin of your baby. It is made up of very high-quality materials to feel comfortable against the skin. This layer should not consist of any toxic materials as it may affect the skin of the baby and must maintain safety standards.

2. Absorbent Core

This layer absorbs the fluids released by the baby and prevents the baby from getting wet. To enhance absorbency, this layer includes a matrix of fluffy material and absorbent chemical crystals. This chemical crystal is called Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). It absorbs and locks the liquids on the fluffy core to keep the fluid away from the baby. While buying a diaper, we should always look for better core and SAP materials.

3. Waterproof Outer shell

The outer shell of the diaper is waterproof to prevent leakage from the core. All the disposable diapers’ are often made of petroleum-based plastic or planted treated materials.

4. Fasteners

They give the diaper a comfortable fit around the baby. The fasteners are stretchable and can be opened and refastened very easily.

Size of the Diapers

The size of the diapers is based on how much the baby weighs and the stage of their development. As the baby grows, the size of the diapers must increase. Here is the list representing the size of the diaper in relation to the weight of the baby at a different phase of its growth.

Size of Diaper Baby Weight (lbs) Baby Months
Size N Diapers <10 1
Size 1 Diapers 8-14 2.5
Size 2 Diapers 12-18 2.5
Size 3 Diapers 16-28 10
Size 4 Diapers 22-37 10
Size 5 Diapers >27 14
>Size 6 Diapers >35 14

However, all the kids may not coincide with the weight and size mentioned in the above table. So, we have listed some additional things to consider while choosing a diaper size.

1. Put your finger in the waistband to check if it’s restrictive or not.

2. The diaper must cover the baby's bum to work effectively.

3. If you see red marks on the baby’s hips, waist, or groin, it’s time to increase the size of the diaper

4. If the fastening tabs slide from the center of the groin to the hips, it’s time to size up.

Things to consider while buying a Diaper

Every year parents spend a fortune on diapers that may or may not be comfortable for their baby. As the babies can’t speak, it’s the responsibility of the parents to decide what’s best for their children. Here, we have mentioned a list of things to consider while buying diapers for your baby.

A. Brand/Company

You should always buy diapers from a reputed company. Here, the reputed company means the one with experience in the field and maintains the quality of the product for a longer period. These companies continuously evolve and bring new and better products.

B. Features of Diapers

Once, you choose your brand, it’s time to check other additional features:-

1. Absorbency

The diaper must be able to absorb a lot of pee and poop without leaking or becoming saggy. If the diaper is leaking, it may cause irritation and rashes on the baby's skin.

2. Wetness Indicator Lines

These brands come with indicators on the diapers to measure the wetness. They are white lines that turn yellow when the diapers become solid. It is very helpful as it helps the parents to check the wetness and change the diaper accordingly.

3. Softness and Breathability

As the baby’s skin is very sensitive, the material inside the diaper is very important. We must ensure that the diaper is made of soft and breathable material before buying.

4. Fitness

The diaper must not be too tight or too loose for the baby. It must be fitting and stretchable to provide comfort to the baby.

C. Size and weight of the baby

The size of the diapers that fit your baby depends on the weight of the baby. Above, we have a chart that mentions the relationship between the size of the diaper and the weight of the baby. Based on the weight of the baby, we should always look for the diaper that fits the baby. The smaller diaper size may cause irritability and rashes. On the other hand, the larger diaper size increases the chances of leakage.

D. Pooping Habits

All the babies have different peeing and pooping habits. If your baby pees and poops more frequently, you will need a diaper with higher absorbent capacity.

E. Budget

As the different parents have different income levels, you should plan your budget accordingly. Depending on the pooping habits of your baby, you will need a different number of diapers per day. We must know that the high price doesn’t always guarantee better quality so, you should look for the quality product that fits your budget.

F. Sensitivity of the Skin

Babies' skin is highly sensitive to external factors. Therefore, you must be concerned if the baby gets rashes on the body. We have been misinformed that the diaper can not cause rashes on the skin. The diapers made of poor material cause harsh rashes on the skin. You must buy diapers with better materials.

G. Convenience

It is a very challenging job to take care of the babies. Parenting may lead to sleepless nights and endless breastfeeding. Moreover, if the babies are inconvenient, they will just add to your trauma. In such situations, convenient diapers are an aid as they help the baby sleep comfortably without getting wet. Additionally, if the babies are dry, they are less vulnerable to a large number of bacteria.

How to change the Baby Diaper

Most first-time parents are not acquainted with diapers. Therefore, it’s really hard for them to change their diaper without proper knowledge. Here, we have mentioned steps that guide you through diaper-efficient diaper changing.

Step 1: Get Ready

First of all, you have to clean your hand or sanitize them. Then, gather all the supplies you need and put them within the reach of your hands. Now, you are ready.

Step 2: Take off the Dirty Diaper

To take off the dirty diaper, lay your baby on its back. Then, unfasten the tabs of the diaper on either side. Now, lift the baby's bottom by holding the ankle and use your other hand to slide the diaper out of the reach of the baby.

Step 3: Clean the baby’s bottom

After removing the dirty diaper, it’s important to clean the baby’s bottom. Clean the baby's bottom with wipes or moistened cotton balls. While cleaning the vulva, always go from front to back as carelessness may lead to the infection. After the cleaning, put the dirty diapers and wipes safely aside.

Step 4: Put on the new Diaper

Now, you can put on the new diaper. First of all, slide the clean diaper under the baby’s bottom. You must differentiate the front and back of the diaper. They may be color-coated. If you use any cream or ointments to remove rashes apply them carefully. After that, close the new diaper on the front of the baby's body and lock the tabs. However, make sure the diaper is not too tight or loose for the baby.

Step 5: Finish Up

To finish up, take the baby out of that place first. Now, put the dirty diaper in the dustbin and clean the cleaning surface under the baby with disinfectants to avoid contamination.

Disposable or Reusable Diaper

The disposable diapers are thrown after use whereas the reusable cloth diapers are used over and over again. One of the key differentiating factors is that reusable diapers are eco-friendly. Other than that, reusable diapers are more economical than disposable diapers. On the other hand, disposable diapers are far more at preventing rashes. They are soft to the skin and highly absorbent. This prevents the baby from getting wet and prevents any form of infection. In the end, it is an individual choice to pick one.